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Campaigning for fair and sustainable banana and pineapple supply chains

Join us in calling on the EU, governments, supermarkets and the wider food industry to ensure that a fair price is paid for tropical fruits that are produced without violating human rights or polluting the environment.


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Pushing for More Gender Equity in the Banana Sector

An interview with Silvia Campos, Global Product Manager for Bananas at Fairtrade International and a member of the Gender Equity Task Force of the World Banana Forum. (Reproduced from Like in other agricultural sectors, women employed in the banana industry are especially vulnerable to labour abuses such as lower…

Protection for Colombian agricultural trade union leaders – ACT NOW!

On Saturday 1 July, Alberto Román Acosta González (pictured above), President of the Guacarí branch of the National Union of Workers in Agricultural Industries (SINTRAINAGRO) in Colombia, was assassinated in the Valle del Cauca’s sugar plantation zone. This attack followed an earlier grenade attack in March this year at SINTRAINAGRO…


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