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Campaigning for fair and sustainable banana and pineapple supply chains

Join us in calling on the EU, governments, supermarkets and the wider food industry to ensure that a fair price is paid for tropical fruits that are produced without violating human rights or polluting the environment.


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Fyffes accused of disrespecting plantation workers' rights

The GMB trade union has called for Fyffes to be thrown out of the UK Government's Ethical Trade Initiative, which promotes labour rights, over reports of abuses by subsidiaries of Fyffes in Costa Rica and Honduras. Banana Link, also an ETI member, has said “We absolutely hear the frustration from…

Make Fruit Fair! campaign materials

We have a new range of Make Fruit Fair campaign materials available for you to order for your events. They are all available free of charge in reasonable quantities. Details are available from the Make Fruit Fair! campaign materials page.


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