First 10,021 signatures in our campaign prompts promising response from Lidl, but it’s not enough

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First 10,021 signatures in our campaign prompts promising response from Lidl, but it’s not enough

Make Fruit Fair! partner Oxfam Germany, together with activists from Ecuador and Costa Rica, handed-over the first 10,021 signatures in our campaign asking Lidl to play fair by tropical fruit workers in their supply chains. Following the handover, Make Fruit Fair! campaigners met with Lidl, who admitted that the working conditions in the pineapple production […]

Only few places where organic bananas can be grown

Unlike conventional bananas, which are relatively easy to grow in many tropical areas, organic bananas must be cultivated in very specific conditions, and this is only possible in a few regions. Colima, Mexico, is one of those regions with the right microclimate, and Tropical Organic Growers is a company devoted to the cultivation and export […]

Phasing out Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) in Costa Rica

The small Central American country of Costa Rica has one of the highest intensities of pesticide use in the world, despite its renown for being a peaceful, ecofriendly tourist destination, rich in biodiversity. Pesticide imports have risen steeply during the past three decades, many of the pesticides used being highly hazardous in terms of acute […]

Oxfam report takes aim at Ecuadorian and Costa Rican tropical fruit industries

Make Fruit Fair! German partner, Oxfam Germany, has published a report Sweet fruit bitter truth alleging inhumane conditions exist on many Costa Rican pineapple farms and Ecuadorian banana operations, pointing the final blame at Germany’s leading retailers. The report has prompted conflicting stories between Oxfam’s German arm and certifier the Rainforest Alliance, according to the […]

Take action! Ask LIDL to play fair!

  Lidl is one out of nine supermarket giants in the UK. But when it comes to responsibility on banana and pineapple plantations, Lidl has to play fair. The truth about tropical fruits from LIDL Lidl claims all the bananas and pineapples that they sell are sustainably produced. But the reality for farmers and workers […]

Abuses including dismissals in agro-export company TALSA

Amalia Antúnez In Montevideo, Perú UNIONS AGRICULTURE With Juan Herrera “The harassment is never ending” Peruvian anti-union blueberries   The agro-industrial company TALSA is located in the north of Peru in the La Libertad region and specialises in blueberry and asparagus production, among other products. On the 8 March, it arbitrarily dismissed all of the SITETSA […]

Empowering workers and alleviating poverty in west Africa

Between 2013 and 2016, Make Fruit Fair! partners Banana link and Fako Agricultural Workers Union of Cameroon (FAWU) worked with General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana (GAWU) and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF) to educate workers about their rights and to empower union representatives to […]

International Women’s Day: Reflections from Colombia

Colombia TRADE UNIONS FOR WOMEN International Women’s Day with Adela Torres   “Let’s make the 8th of March a day of demands”. Respect, justice and equity.   Last Sunday, March 6th, the National Union of Workers in Agricultural Industries (Sintrainagro) held a mass meeting of women in the municipality of Apartadó, as part of the celebration of […]

U.S. Department of Labor releases report finding serious labor rights abuses in key Peruvian export industries

The US Department of Labour (DOL) has published a report in response to a complaint filed under the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) by ILRF (International Labor Rights Forum – an workers’ rights American advocacy group) and Peruvian trade unions about persistent, widespread labour abuses. Under Peru’s Non-Traditional Export Promotion (NTEP) law it is perfectly […]