Fair Trade USA suspends certification of Fyffes’ melon plantation in Honduras

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Fair Trade USA Certifies Labour Violations as “Fair Trade” in Honduras

A coalition of unions, farmworkers, fair trade advocates, ethical businesses and retailers (including Banana Link) is confronting Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), a US-based fair trade certification agency, for ignoring human rights abuses and its own standards in certifying a Honduran melon grower with a long history of violations. In an open letter sponsored by the International Labor Rights […]

Japanese consumer groups campaigning for ethical bananas from the Philippines

Following the recent launch of an “Ethical Banana” campaign in Tokyo to promote environmental protection and social justice for the Filipino farmers, civil society organizations (CSOs) and consumer groups in Japan have initiated a system to monitor bananas exported from the Philippines. The campaign, launched by the Interface Development Interventions (IDIS), seeks to encourage Japanese […]

Informed Consumers Change Lives for the Better

All too often, making a positive contribution to international development can feel difficult and out of reach. But a project funded by the Development Education Awareness Raising Programme enables European shoppers to make some simple, informed choices that have improved the lives of countless people in the developing world. “The Make Fruit Fair! campaign was […]

‘A fairer share’: strengthening workers’ voices through Fairtrade, the labour movement and socially engaged companies

This article about how Fairtrade is working with Banana Link and others to deepen the value of Fairtrade and empowering workers is reproduced from www.fairtrade.net. On International Workers’ Day, we celebrate the power that a unified workers’ voice can have to drive social change. This is the story of how an engaged Fairtrade business partner […]

European Commission legislation to protect overseas farmers from supermarkets’ unfair trading practices

The European Commission has today proposed legislation on unfair trading practices in global food supply chains. The economic power of European supermarkets and their unfair trading practices lead to insecurity among their suppliers which directly impacts the most vulnerable people in the supply chain. The directive aims to protect small and medium-sized food suppliers against […]