25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women- with Adela Torres

25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women- with Adela Torres

“We won’t tolerated more violence”

Sintraingro organized a demonstration day rejecting all types of violence against women.

The General Secretary of the National Union of Workers in Agricultural Industries (SINTRAINAGRO), Adela Torres, spoke to La Rel about the action they hold on the municipality of Apartadó, as part of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“Every year, this date is a day for reflection. This year it was day for denouncing and to raise the voice in rejection of all types of violence that we women are subject to”, pointed.

Accordingly to Adela, the action day started with a workshop with the participation of union delegates from Sintrainagro, as well as banana sector delegates and staff people too, adding some 220 participants.

“After the workshop, where we discussed several emblematic cases of gender violence in the region and in the country, we closed the office and
marched down the principal street within the municipality, along with male peers and Apartadó’s major.

Around 1200 people walk together to end so much violence that, as analysed recently at the XV UITA Regional Conference, is pandemic in the whole region”, the leader emphasised.

The women workers joined civil society organizations and the municipality’s Women Department in order to continue with the job of denouncing against the lack of measures and the impunity enjoyed by those who attack and kill their female companions.

The slow legislative answer.

Thousands and thousands of dead women

Recently, in 2014, the Law “Rosa Elvira Cely” was passed in Colombia, which typifies femicide and provides for sentences of up to 50 years in prison for murderers, the reality indicates a high rate of impunity (90 percent).

According to figures of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, 1,500 feminicide cases and 120,000 cases of domestic violence and interpersonal violence were identified. According to the Office of the Prosecutor, in the last ten years 34,000 cases involving feminicide have been opened, of which only 3,658 convictions have been obtained, little more than 10%.

“We concluded the march at a park on the centre of town, where we had a minute of silence for all victims of gender violence, victims of acid attacks, an aberrant modality of aggression that has spread in Colombia and especially, for a recent case where a woman was brutally beaten, tortured and impaled here in Antioquia.

Despite the aggressions she remains alive, we demand justice for her and for all the victims of gender-based violence”, Adela concluded.