Anti-union company Fyffes dismisses two union executives, in retaliation.

Anti-union company Fyffes dismisses two union executives, in retaliation.

Fyffes continues to prove that it is a company completely opposed to trade unions by violating all the rights that its workers legally in Costa Rica.

Today, Fyffes dismissed two security officers from the sub-branch, Gerson Heberaldo Galo (General Secretary) y Olman Alexi Torres (Public Prosecutor). The sub-branch was in full development. Comrades revealed that the Head of Security was made aware that they were the leaders of this trade union initiative, therefore these are clearly anti-union dismissals.

There is already an international campaign opposing the labour violations that Fyffes is responsible for in Central America, but in spite of this, the company continues to disregard workers’ rights and seeks to worsen working conditions.

At 2 p.m. the two dismissed workers were taken to the company offices, where they were given a letter of dismissal in which the company claimed that it was restructuring the security services, coincidently they are the first two to be fired.

The administrative process will begin with the Labour Secretary, thereby adding to Fyffes’s history of labour rights violations in the Labour Secretary’s record book. There are already 92 complaints against the company for failure to reinstate workers and to pay them what they owed through their acquired rights.

Like the workers in the field and the packing plant, security service workers are experience labour rights violations, such as: not being paid the minimum wage, not receiving overtime pay, not receiving a thirteenth or fourteenth month salary, not receiving holiday pay, not being paid an educational bonus, nor being paid extra for night shift hours as stipulated by law.