European Commission legislation to protect overseas farmers from supermarkets’ unfair trading practices


European Commission legislation to protect overseas farmers from supermarkets’ unfair trading practices

The European Commission has today proposed legislation on unfair trading practices in global food supply chains. The economic power of European supermarkets and their unfair trading practices lead to insecurity among their suppliers which directly impacts the most vulnerable people in the supply chain. The directive aims to protect small and medium-sized food suppliers against […]

Pushing for More Gender Equity in the Banana Sector

An interview with Silvia Campos, Global Product Manager for Bananas at Fairtrade International and a member of the Gender Equity Task Force of the World Banana Forum. (Reproduced from Like in other agricultural sectors, women employed in the banana industry are especially vulnerable to labour abuses such as lower salaries and discrimination in the […]

‘It’s darkening Ireland’s name’: Inside the row between Fyffes and its Honduran workers

Serious allegations have been levelled at the company, one of the country’s biggest corporate successes. Article reproduced from BY PAUL O’DONOGHUE REPORTER, FORA THOUSANDS OF MILES away from her employer’s Dublin base, Oglis Mejia harvests melons under the scorching Honduran sun, struggling to provide for her five children. The 35-year-old single mother has spent […]

New research aims to improve women’s participation in the banana industry

Banana Link has just published the results of research we have undertaken to analyse the participation of women workers and small producers in the global banana industry. The working papers, documenting the research findings, include statistics on women’s’ participation in the industry, an analysis of the potential causal factors for this varying level of participation, […]

Armed attack on trade union organiser at Fyffes subsidiary in Honduras

The news report below has been translated and reproduced from –… The global Freedom and Fairness for Fyffes workers! campaign is currently calling on the company to respect the rights of workers in its global supply chains. “They will not intimidate us” General Secretary of STAS’s sub-branch at Fyffes denounces the criminal attack By […]