Download and read documents about all aspects of tropical fruit trade and production from English speaking Make Fruit Fair! :


A report for the Make Fruit Fair! campaign shows how increasing market power and Unfair Trading Practices of European supermarkets affect banana small farmers and plantation workers.

Read the report: Banana Value Chains


Oxfam have published a report detailing that steps are being taken in the right direction for securing a living wage in global supply chains.

Read the report: Steps Towards a Living Wage


FIAN, IUF and Misereor share a common vision of the human right to food and have come together to focus on a specific group, plantation workers, whose right to food is routinely abused by employers and violated by governments.

Many of the food products we take for granted are grown on plantations yet the workers who grow them could never afford to eat them.

Read the report: Harvesting Hunger


A Fairtrade Foundation Report, February 2014:

Britain’s supermarket price wars are trapping tens of thousands of banana farmers and workers in an unrelenting cycle of poverty.

The Fairtrade Foundation report argues that as bananas are the fourth most important food crop in the world and one of the most valuable agricultural commodities in global trade, it is wrong that they do not guarantee a sustainable living for all the people involved in producing and supplying the market.

Read the report: Britain’s Bruising Banana Wars


In 2012 Dr.Iain Farquhar visited three of the five banana producing provinces of China, on behalf of Banana Link and the Steering Committee of the World Banana Forum.

Read the report: Bananas in China