Fyffes Chairman, David McCann, completely indifferent to workers’ plight as sale of company to Sumitomo nets him 90 million Euros at EGM in Dublin

GMB and Banana Link condemn the “unacceptable face of globalisation” Protesters from Dublin Trade Council, ICTU, GMB and Banana Link today called on Fyffes to respect the rights of their workers, including minimum wage and social security contributions, in Central America before the EGM rubber stamped the sale of the company to Japanese firm, Sumitomo. […]

GMB –IUF –Banana Link protest at Dublin’s Ballsbridge Hotel for Fyffes EGM on Monday, January 16th at 9.30am

Fyffes must repay the money they have stolen from their workers in Central America and enter into meaningful negotiations with their union representatives, say protesters GMB, Britain’s General Union; IUF, the International Union of Foodworkers and Banana Link will stage a protest at Fyffes extraordinary general meeting for shareholders to discuss the sale of the […]

Freedom and fairness for Fyffes workers! – ACT NOW

The Make Fruit Fair! Campaign is calling on Fyffes – the number one importer of bananas to Europe, and among the largest global marketer for Supersweet pineapples and winter season melons – to respect the rights of workers in its global supply chains. You can support this campaign by sending an email to Fyffes at the […]

25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women- with Adela Torres

“We won’t tolerated more violence” Sintraingro organized a demonstration day rejecting all types of violence against women. The General Secretary of the National Union of Workers in Agricultural Industries (SINTRAINAGRO), Adela Torres, spoke to La Rel about the action they hold on the municipality of Apartadó, as part of the International Day for the Elimination […]

How Fairtrade investment is bearing fruit in Ghana

Banana Link, as part of the Make Fruit Fair! campaign recently took a group of journalists from different European countries to visit Fairtrade certified banana and pineapple plantations in Ghana to showcase good practice. We reproduce below an article by one of those journalists, Joanna Blythman, published in The Grocer magazine. Seated at her monitor, […]

75,000 people demand fair wages, health protection and trade union rights for plantation workers in Lidl supply chains

Pesticides, unfair salaries, exploitation: plantation workers in Ecuador and Costa Rica are grafting in order to produce fresh bananas and pineapples for our supermarket shelves. In our pan-European Lidl campaign, more than 75,000 people demand fair wages, health protection and trade union rights for plantation workers – resulting in first achievements: Two Lidl suppliers are […]

Rainforest Alliance and the Discount Supermarkets: Low Prices and Easy Standards?

Banana Link, as members of the Europe-wide Make Fruit Fair! Campaign, have published a report evaluating Rainforest Alliance (RA) certification in the light of recent moves by discount supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl to source tropical fruit from RA certified suppliers. The report – Rainforest Alliance and the Discount Supermarkets: Low Prices and Easy Standards? – […]

High court reverses moratorium on pineapple growing in Los Chiles, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s high court has once again denied the right of local governments to declare a moratorium on pineapple production within their jurisdictions, this time in the northern border municipality of Los Chiles. Decrying contaminated water and exploitation of migrant labor, a coalition of environmental groups and politicians recently came together to successfully lobby the […]