International Women’s Day: Reflections from Colombia

Colombia TRADE UNIONS FOR WOMEN International Women’s Day with Adela Torres   “Let’s make the 8th of March a day of demands”. Respect, justice and equity.   Last Sunday, March 6th, the National Union of Workers in Agricultural Industries (Sintrainagro) held a mass meeting of women in the municipality of Apartadó, as part of the celebration of […]

U.S. Department of Labor releases report finding serious labor rights abuses in key Peruvian export industries

The US Department of Labour (DOL) has published a report in response to a complaint filed under the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) by ILRF (International Labor Rights Forum – an workers’ rights American advocacy group) and Peruvian trade unions about persistent, widespread labour abuses. Under Peru’s Non-Traditional Export Promotion (NTEP) law it is perfectly […]