Peru flooding: trade unionists desperately need your help

Peru flooding: trade unionists desperately need your help

Members of Banana Link’s Peruvian trade union partner, SITAG (Sindicato De Trabajadores Agrarios Del Peru), and SITETSA (Sindicato De Trabajadores Empresa Talsa) trade union in Peru desperately need financial help to rebuild their homes, offices and their lives following recent devastating floods and landslides in Peru.

Communication withe affected areas is difficult due to power cuts and phone lines being down, but we have been told that in the city of Piura, at least a dozen SITAG members have lost their homes, and the union office has collapsed, while in the Province of Viru and its district Chao, Department of La Libertad, at least a dozen SITETSA members have also lost their homes.

We currently have an Urgent Action supporting SITETSA members working at Peruvian agribusiness company TALSA, where nine members of the Executive committee and two members of the union were sacked last year by the company in anti-union action.

We are hoping to raise £5,000 to help these union members.

The money is needed for building materials, foodstuffs, clothing and beds.

You can make donation below:

The photos below give you an idea of the extent of the damage and the extent of rebuilding that will be required.



















Update – 24 April 2017

The workers are currently on temporary leave from work, because the public transport fares have risen exorbitantly and the fruit companies do not allow their own transport units to run. Meanwhile the prices of basic household items are sky-high because the traders are taking advantage of supply shortages.

There is no aid coming from the municipal authorities and only a small amount from the central government, with the majority of workers are living out in the open and feeding themselves at improvised and self-sustained canteens, like the one pictured below, along with some other recent photos.