End the violation of women’s rights on Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte plantations!

int-womens-day-logo2_0Urgent Appeal On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the Coordinating Body of Latin American Banana and Agro-industrial Workers’ Unions (COLSIBA) calls on the three biggest multinational fruit companies – Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte – to put an end to their discriminatory policies towards women.

There are numerous examples, including discriminatory employment policies, compulsory pregnancy tests before hiring, limited access to maternity leave and sexual harassment and abuse. Whether it be in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru or Honduras, such problems are daily evidence that the rights of women workers are far from being respected. COLSIBA calls for international solidarity in denouncing these practices and demands a specific commitment by these companies to end violations of women workers’ rights.

TAKE ACTION! Send a message to: Manuel Rodriguez – Director of Chiquita Latin America; Jose Antonio Yock – Vice President of Fresh Del Monte Central America; Richard A Harrah – President of Dole Latin America:

End the violation of women’s rights on Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte plantations

Dear Mr’s Rodrigues, Yock and Harrah,

I have been informed by COLSIBA and Banana Link about the regular violations of women workers’ rights in banana and pineapple plantations that produce fruit for your brand. I therefore ask you:

    To review you company’s employment policy with a view to hiring more women in Latin America and to combat gender discrimination in your recruitment procedures.

    To take specific actions to end gender discrimination in your company’s workplaces (including sexual harassment), so as to secure dignity at work for all women employed.

    To participate in genuine social dialogue on these issues with the member trade unions of COLSIBA at local, regional and international level (the latter via the World Banana Forum).

Yours sincerely,


Message of solidarity to COLSIBA

Dear friends at COLSIBA,

Banana Link has informed me of the discrimation and violation of rights faced by women workers on the Latin American banana and pineapple plantations that are owned by and supply the multinational fruit companies Chiquita, Del Monte and Dole.

I support your action on International Women’s Day and I have sent an email to the companies Chiquita, Del Monte and Dole urging them to resond to your demands.

In solidarity,