Union members sacked in Costa Rica

Produfrutas del Atlantico are a subsidiary of Banacol

Produfrutas del Atlantico are a subsidiary of Banacol

In Costa Rican pineapple plantations, violations of labour rights are all too commonplace. Some 300 men and women employed on the Produfrutas del Atlantico plantation in the province of Limon toil all day in suffocating heat for poverty wages.

Recently, seven of them decided to join the SITRAP trade union to defend their rights. The response from management was not long in coming: not only was the trade union official refused entry to the plantation but nine family members of the seven who had joined the union were sacked. Two of the new trade union members were then also sacked. SITRAP is therefore requesting international support for pressure on the company to reinstate the sacked workers and to respect national legislation for the freedom of ALL workers to join a trade union. Send urgent appeal!

Letter to the plantation management:

Dear Senor Matera,

I have been informed by SITRAP of the poor labour conditions suffered by employees on the pineapple plantation ‘Produfrutas del Atlantico’. I am extremely worried about the actions taken against 7 workers that have recently affiliated to the trade union SITRAP. I am particularly concerned about the unjust sacking of 9 of their relatives and the recent sacking of two union members.

I request that the company enters into constructive dialogue with SITRAP to rectify this situation, specifically:

– the recognition of the rights of the sacked workers and the reinstatement of their previous work roles as soon as possible.
– the respect of national labour legislation, particularly with regard to contracts, salaries, health and safety and trade union rights, including the freedom to join a trade union.

Letter to the trade union SITRAP:

Dear friends of SITRAP,

I was informed by Banana Link about the situation for workers on the plantation ‘Produfrutas del Atlantico’, particularly the anti-union actions that have been suffered by you and your members.

I support your action and have sent a letter to the company ‘Produfrutas del Atlantico’ demanding an immediate response to your complaints,

In solidarity,