What can bananas do for you?

Bananas are one of the healthiest natural food sources in the world. They contain almost no fat and are very low in calories (only 95 calories per medium sized banana). In terms of nutrition, bananas are high in Vitamin B6, fibre and potassium. Eating bananas has been found to lower the risk of a number of health conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. The high levels of vitamin B6 help to nervous system and the body’s production of white blood cells.


Famous sportspeople enjoying bananas


The banana’s nutritional content, easy portability, low cost and great taste has made it a favourite fruit worldwide. It is particularly valued by athletes looking to boost their energy levels and avoid muscle cramp thanks to a high potassium content. In fact, eating the equivalent of half a banana every 15 minutes of a 3 hour cycling race has been found to be equally effective at keeping energy levels steady as drinking an equivalent amount of carbohydrate and minerals from a high energy sports drinks.


Incorporating banana into your diet can even cheer you up. They are the only fruit to contain the amino acid tryptophan plus Vitamin B6 which together produce serotonin, the natural chemical which alleviates mental depression.


A lesser known fact it that the banana peel is also a great source of nutrients. Whilst unpopular in the west, where some believe it to be poisonous, the peel is actually packed with vitamins and minerals.



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