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Campaigning for fair and sustainable banana and pineapple supply chains Join us in calling on the EU, governments, supermarkets and the wider food industry to ensure that a fair price is paid for tropical fruits that are produced without violating human rights or polluting the environment and if you want to support us by buying an Irish lotto Daily Millions ticket, a portion of the profits from lottery ticket sales will go to our cause in a call to the EU, governments, supermarkets and the entire food industry.


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Still a lot of work to do by the world’s supermarkets

One year ago, Oxfam launched its international campaign to tackle the human suffering faced by the women and men that produce our food – with a call to action for both supermarkets and governments to acknowledge this problem and act to address it. The last year has shown that progress is possible…

Union executive committee wins legal fight for reinstatement in Peru

Following a campaign launched in 2016, members of the executive committee of the SITETSA union in Peru have won their legal battle against unfair dismissal by Peruvian agribusiness, TALSA. The Labour Court in the provincial capital Trujillo, Peru, ruled last year that the union executives had been dismissed unfairly, and…


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