Fairtrade highlights Ecuador and Colombia’s progress in increasing banana wages

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Fairtrade highlights Ecuador and Colombia’s progress in increasing banana wages

Following years of engaging and advocating for decent salaries, Fairtrade reported recently on welcome progress for workers in the banana sector. Colombia and Ecuador leading the way In Ecuador, the salario digno has been established by the government to ensure a just remuneration for workers and reduce poverty. All plantation workers, including those with the lowest salaries, […]

Still a lot of work to do by the world’s supermarkets

One year ago, Oxfam launched its international campaign to tackle the human suffering faced by the women and men that produce our food – with a call to action for both supermarkets and governments to acknowledge this problem and act to address it. The last year has shown that progress is possible through companies strengthening policies and […]

Protecting the people behind the barcodes

The Europe-wide Make Fruit Fair! Campaign, in which Banana Link played a key role, called on the European Union to take action to prevent supermarkets abusing their buying power, to ensure they treat their suppliers fairly, and pay prices that cover the costs of sustainable production. The EU has today announced new rules designed to […]

Fair Trade USA Certifies Labour Violations as “Fair Trade” in Honduras

A coalition of unions, farmworkers, fair trade advocates, ethical businesses and retailers (including Banana Link) is confronting Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), a US-based fair trade certification agency, for ignoring human rights abuses and its own standards in certifying a Honduran melon grower with a long history of violations. In an open letter sponsored by the International Labor Rights […]

Japanese consumer groups campaigning for ethical bananas from the Philippines

Following the recent launch of an “Ethical Banana” campaign in Tokyo to promote environmental protection and social justice for the Filipino farmers, civil society organizations (CSOs) and consumer groups in Japan have initiated a system to monitor bananas exported from the Philippines. The campaign, launched by the Interface Development Interventions (IDIS), seeks to encourage Japanese […]