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Banana value chains in Europe and the consequences of Unfair Trading Practices

A report for the Make Fruit Fair! campaign shows how increasing market power and Unfair Trading Practices of European supermarkets affect banana small farmers and plantation workers.

Read the report: Banana Value Chains


Steps Towards a Living Wage in Global Supply Chains

Oxfam have published a report detailing that steps are being taken in the right direction for securing a living wage in global supply chains.

Read the report: Steps Towards a Living Wage



The Real Wage Situation of Male and Female Workers in Eleven Banana Plantations in Costa Rica, in Comparison to a ‘Sustainable Living Wage, ASEPROLA for Banana Link and The Cooperative Group, November 2004.


Second International Banana Conference

The preparatory papers of the second International Banana Conference, 2005 including: The Environmental and Health Impacts of Banana Production in Latin America by Raul Harari, Corporation for the Development of Production and the Working Environment IFA The Working and Living Conditions of Banana Workers in Latin America by Raul Harari, Corporation for the Development of Production and the Working Environment IFA Women in the Windward Islands by Senator Josephine Dublin-Price, Association of Caribbean Farmers (WINFA) For the Respect of Labour and Social Rights of Women Banana Workers in Latin America by Iris Munguia Figueroa, COLSIBA


World Banana Forum: getting down to business

A blog written by Alistair Smith, International Coordinator for ProMusa, the banana and plantain section of Bioversity International, March 2012


Second Conference of the World Banana Forum Report

A report of the Second Conference of the World Banana Forum held in Guayaquil, Ecuador in February 2012 produced by STITCH.


Harvesting Hunger

FIAN, IUF and Misereor share a common vision of the human right to food and have come together to focus on a specific group, plantation workers, whose right to food is routinely abused by employers and violated by governments.

Many of the food products we take for granted are grown on plantations yet the workers who grow them could never afford to eat them.

Read the report: Harvesting Hunger


Britains Bruising Banana Wars

A Fairtrade Foundation Report, February 2014:

Britain’s supermarket price wars are trapping tens of thousands of banana farmers and workers in an unrelenting cycle of poverty.

The Fairtrade Foundation report argues that as bananas are the fourth most important food crop in the world and one of the most valuable agricultural commodities in global trade, it is wrong that they do not guarantee a sustainable living for all the people involved in producing and supplying the market.

Read the report: Britain’s Bruising Banana Wars


Bananas in China

In 2012 Dr.Iain Farquhar visited three of the five banana producing provinces of China, on behalf of Banana Link and the Steering Committee of the World Banana Forum.

Read the report: Bananas in China




The Sour Taste of Pineapples

How an Expanding Export Industry Undermines Workers and Their Communities ILRF, October 2008

The story behind pineapple sold on our supermarkets shelves; a case study of Costa Rica, 2010

Summary of report written by Banana Link on behalf of Consumers International.



Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America

Chiquita, Women Banana Workers and Structural Inequalities by Marina Prieto-Carron, 2006


Kompanije koje se bave voćem

Dole, behind the smoke screen… (booklet)

An Investigation into Dole’s Banana Plantations in Latin America 2006

Dole…Behind the Smoke-screen… (report)

What is new since our report on the company’s plantations in Latin America in 2006?, 2009

Are International Supply Chains increasing poverty?

A Fair Trade Tool Kit, Traidcraft, 2005

Chiquita response to International Women’s Day Urgent Appeal

A response from Chiquita to the Make Fruit Fair Urgent Appeal calling for an end to discriminatory practices on their owned and supplier plantations in Latin America.


Pravedna trgovina (Fair trade)

Unpeeling the Banana Trade

A Fairtrade Foundation Briefing Paper about Fairtrade certified bananas, 2009.



Checked out

Are European supermarkets living up to their responsibilities for labour conditions in the developing world? Consumers International 2010

When is a market not a market?

The EU Retail Sector: When is a market not a market? The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative (AAI) European Supermarkets Group. Briefing for MEPs November 2007

Collateral Damage

How price wars between UK supermarkets helped to destroy livelihoods in the banana and pineapple supply chains.’ Dr. Iain Farquhar, Banana Link November 2006.

Rethinking price

Article by Alistair Smith, Banana Link, 2009.

Competition Law and the New Slavery

The paper shows how Competition Law has ended up generating slave societies and needs urgent revision. Written by Dr Iain Farquhar on behalf of Banana Link for the Make Fruit Fair consortium, October 2011

Models of Enforcement in Europe for Relations in the Food Supply Chain

Report by British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) commissioned by NFU, Traidcraft and others, May 2012

The relationship between supermarkets and suppliers: What are the implications for consumers?

Consumers International, July 2012


Zapadna Afrika

Decent work for African plantation workers

Alistair Smith, international coordinator of UK NGO Banana Link reports on working conditions on tropical fruit plantations in West Africa

Sustainable living wages and the impact of Fairtrade at Volta River Estates Limited (VREL) banana plantation, Ghana

Rachel Smith, Banana Link, 2009

Edited summary of West Africa mission report

An edited summary of a report of the Banana Link/Peuples Solidaires coordinated mission to Cameroon and the Ivory Coast, September 2010

A study on the pineapple industry in Ghana

A study was undertaken by the Workers Right Consult and funded by Banana Link to establish the extent to which companies involved in the pineapple industry in Ghana respect workers’ rights. The research explores the working conditions for both local and migrant workers in this tropical fruit industry.

Cameroon Living Wage Report Summary

A summary of the findings of the field research into the living wage of banana workers in Cameroon conducted in summer 2012.


Konferencija “Prema korporativnoj društvenoj odgovornosti”, Listopad 2012

Agroamérica; CSR and living wages

A presentation by Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate Affairs Director, AgroAmerica, Guatemala as part of the ‘Living wages and distribution of value along tropical fruit supply chains’ session.

Social Impacts of Banana Supply Chains; A Case Study from Cameroon

A presentation by Dafni Skalidou and Harriet Labouchere on behalf of Banana Link as part of the ‘Living wages and distribution of value along tropical fruit supply chains’ session.

Trade Union Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining; The Cameroon Experience

A presentation by Mbide Charles Kude, General Secretary of FAWU as part of the ‘Trade union freedom of association and collective bargaining’ session.

Corporate Social Responsibility Bananas

A presentation by Eliana Guarnoni on behalf of Altroconsumo as part of the ‘What is the power of consumers?’ session.

Voluntary initiatives V regulation

A presentation by Lee Woodger on behalf of the National Farmers Union (UK) as part of the ‘Voluntary Initiatives V Regulation’ session.

Consumers power

A presentation by Catherine Nicholson on behalf of Consumers International as part of the ‘What is the power of consumers?’ session.

Voluntary initiatives V regulation II

A presentation of Péter Szilágyi, Senior Counsellor, Department of Food Processing, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary as part of the Voluntary Initiatives V Regulation session.

Trade union freedom

A presentation by Ovind Brisa, Director of BAMA, the Norwegian retailer and fruit importer as part of the ‘Trade union freedom of association and collective bargaining’ session.

Voluntary Standards V Regulation III

A presentation by Pedro Morazan, Policy Director and Economist at the SÜDWIND Institute, Germany, as part of the Voluntary Initiatives V Regulation session.