Women banana workers in PeruNone of these solutions would in isolation solve the problems on tropical fruit plantations. However, we think it’s good to know what steps can be taken to improve conditions…

We believe that some certification systems have brought significant benefits to small producers. However it is far harder to identify the benefits for workers of such systems, which often fail to effectively support the work of independent trade unions.

Plantation workers are often denied the right to organise freely into trade unions and thus take collective action to improve their conditions at work.

Fair trade is a method of trading which aims to provide direct and effective support for marginalised producers from developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The World Banana Forum is a platform for dialogue between stakeholders from the whole banana production and distribution chain, including supermarkets, trade unions, NGOs and governments.

Many European companies benefit financially from operations based outside the EU – such as tropical fruit plantations – yet evade responsibility under EU regulation for their impact on employment conditions, wage levels and environmental practices. We believe that EU regulation should be changed to address this issue.