Get involved and take action!

Spread the Make Fruit Fair! Campaign – in real life or virtually!photo

Get creative and design an action that suits you!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Get active in the World Wide Web for Make Fruit Fair! Spread the campaign materials, videos, graphics, the petition, urgent actions, and events to your virtual community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. – Reach out!
  • Take photos/record videos of you and your friends spreading the campaign message, and post them on the Make Fruit Fair! Facebook page.
  • Organise a flash mob with your friends and hold it in front of a supermarket or in a public place, e.g. get people to stand in shapes representing the letters of MAKE FRUIT FAIR!, or ask everyone to turn up holding fair trade fruits.
  • Perform a street theatre scene to challenge people to think about the working conditions on tropical fruit plantations. Make the message and demands of the ‘Make Fruit Fair’ campaign visible.
  • Perform an “invisible”/”concealed” theatre scene in supermarkets. Invent a dialogue between two customers about cheap tropical fruit and their impact.
  • Organise a fair breakfast to promote Make Fruit Fair! make it public, share it in the social media!
  • By visiting this site and then telling others what you have learnt you are raising awareness and increasing the number of people who may take action in the future!