Lobby for change to unfair trading practices

photo of banana workerMake sure that the needs of small producers and plantation workers stay on the corporate and political agenda.

Supermarkets and multinational fruit companies are unable or unwilling to break out of the “every day low price” business model that relies on unfair trading practices such as offloading unreasonable costs and risks onto suppliers. You have the power to remind these companies that they should take responsibility for workers’ and producers’ rights all the way along their supply chains.

Campaign for national and European policy makers and governments to take responsibility by legislating for corporate accountability and implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Ask them to adapt current or develop new EU and national legislation to curb abuse of supermarket buying power by regulating Unfair Trading Practices and help build sustainable tropical fruit supply chains. Ask politicians to ensure that supermarkets are held accountable for unfair working conditions in producing countries.

Stop supermarkets abusing their buyer power! Sign our petition below calling on the European Commission to introduce stronger, binding EU-wide rules that stop Unfair Trading Practices.